Application for appointment of a receiver (sched. 1- RSC O.51 r.3)

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterKing's Bench forms
Application for appointment of receiver
(Schedule 1 RSC O.51, r.3)
Parties should use form PF 244/N244 and include in Part A the following:
“.... for an order that [a receiver be appointed] [(name and address) be
appointed receiver] in this claim to receive the rents, profits and moneys
receivable in respect of the interest of the (party) in the following property,
namely (describe the property) in or towards satisfaction of the moneys and
interest due to the (party) under the judgment [or order] in this claim dated
(date) and for an order that the costs of this application be paid by the (party) to
the (party)

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