Application notice (Chancery Division Financial List)

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterChancery forms
N244(CHFL) Application Notice (CPR Part 23) (10.15) © Crown copyright 2015
Application Notice
CPR Part 23
You must complete Parts A and B, and Part C
if applicable
Send any relevant fee and the completed
application notice to the court with any draft order,
witness statement or other evidence
It is for you (and not the court) to serve this
application notice
Part A
(The claimant)(The defendant)(1)
intend(s) to apply for an order (a draft of which is attached) that(2)
1. Where there
is more than
one claimant
or defendant,
specify which
claimant or
2. State clearly
what order you
are seeking (if
there is room)
or otherwise
refer to a draft
order (which
must be
3. Briey set
out why you
are seeking the
order. Identify
any rule or
In the High Court of Justice
Chancery Division
Financial List
Royal Courts of Justice
(including ref.)
Claim No.
Warrant no.
You should provide this information
for listing the application
(including ref.)
(if applicable)
Financial List cases issued in the Chancery Division are managed after issue by the Admiralty and Commercial Registry, The Rolls Building, 7 Rolls Building, Fetter Lane,
London, EC4A 1NL is open between 10am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. When corresponding with the court, please address forms or letters to the Court Manager
and quote the claim number.
Time estimate (hours) (mins)
Is this agreed by all parties? Yes No
Please refer to the Financial List Guide and the
Commercial Court Guide for details of how applications
should be prepared and will be heard, or in a small
number of exceptional cases can be dealt with on paper.
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