Application to be released on SIAC bail (SIAC B1)

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterSpecial Immigration Appeals Commission forms
T621 SIAC B1 bail application (07.15) Page 1 of 5
The Immigration Acts Application to
be released on SIAC bail SIAC B1
Section 1 Personal Information
A Home Office reference number
B NOMS number (if applicable)
C Your surname or family name.
D Your other names
E Address where you are detained
F Your date of birth
(give as day/month/year) (day) / (month) / (year)
G Are you male or female?
Male Female
H Nationality (or nationalities) or
I Date of arrival in the United
Kingdom (day) / (month) / (year)
J Do you have a representative? No Yes If yes, your representative should complete
Section 7 on page 4.
Section 2 About your application
A Do you have an appeal or review
pending before the Commission?
No Yes
What is the appeal
number, if you know
B Have you lodged a bail
application before? No Yes
What is the bail
number, if you know
If yes, have you been refused bail
at a hearing within the last 28
No Yes If yes, what was the
date of that hearing? / /
The address where you plan or
the Home Office have provided
for you to live, if your bail
application is granted.
Post code
Are directions for your removal
from the United Kingdom
currently in force?
No Yes If so, what date is
removal to take place? / /

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