Application to enforce an award

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterCounty Court forms
Notes for guidance on completing the application form to
enforce a decision or ACAS conditional settlement
(Form COT3) that requires permission of the court to proceed
The following notes are a step-by-step guide to completing form N322A. They tell you what
information is needed for each of the paragraphs or sections in the form. It may assist you to consider
leaets EX328 and EX329 as they cover use of this form.
1. Complete details in either the decision or
settlement box depending upon the type
of your claim - a copy of your decision or
ACAS settlement must accompany this
2. If you are enforcing an ACAS conditional
settlement the rest of this section does not
apply to you, go to section 1 - applicant’s
3. If your claim is to enforce a decision of a
Tribunal or a Court other than the High
Court or the county court continue with
this section.
4. Enter the name of the Tribunal or Court
granting the order you wish to enforce.
5. Enter the reference given by that Court or
Tribunal to your original case. This can be
found on the original copy of your decision.
6. Enter the details of the section and Act that
allows you to register this claim with the
county court for enforcement (eg. section 36
Child Support Act 1991).
Section 1 – Applicant’s details
7. Enter your full contact details.
Section 2 – Respondent’s details
8. Enter the name and address of the person
(company/rm) you are claiming the money
from. This should be the same as the
details quoted on the original copy of your
decision or settlement which you must le
with the application.
Section 3 – Amount now owing
9. Enter in the total amount outstanding on
your claim (do not include any of the court
costs you will be paying to register or
enforce your case in the court. These costs
will be added later).
10. Each Tribunal and ACAS has its own rules
and regulations regarding interest. If you
are entitled to claim interest the details and
the calculations should be entered in this
Section 4 – ACAS conditional settlement
(Form COT3)
11. If you are not enforcing an ACAS conditional
settlement do not complete this section or
section 5 - declaration in ACAS matters but
go to section 6 - statement of truth.
12. Give the details of the rst condition
attached to your settlement in the rst box.
13. Explain how you have compiled with that
condition in the next box.
14. Do the same for each of the other
conditions (if more than one) using the
next two boxes and an additional sheet(s)
if necessary.
Section 5 – Declaration in ACAS matters
15. In order to apply to register your settlement
with the Court for enforcement you need to
conrm to the Court that the Respondent
has not applied for a declaration that the
money owed to you is not payable. If you
are certain this is the case then tick the box.
Section 6 – Statement of Truth
16. This must be signed by you, by your solicitor
or your litigation friend, as appropriate.
17. Proceedings for contempt of court may be
brought against any person who signs a
statement of truth without an honest belief
in its truth.
N322A Notes (06.09) © Crown copyright 2009

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