Application to object to the registration of a Lasting Power of Attorney

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterCourt of Protection forms and guidance
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Name of the donor of the LPA (this is the person who made the LPA)
Application to object to the
registration of a lasting power
of attorney (LPA)
Court of Protection
For off‌ice use only
Date received
Case no.
Date issued
Please read f‌irst
You can only object using this form if you are
an intended attorney or a named person who
received an LPA001 notice of intention to apply
for registration of a lasting power of attorney.
You may have to pay a fee when you make an
application. Refer to the leaf‌let COP44 Court of
Protection – Fees for details.
An application to object must be made within
three weeks from the day on which you received
the LPA001 notice.
If you are not one of the people who received
the LPA001 notice but you wish to object, you
can still do so but you need to f‌ile a COP1
application form and pay the specif‌ied fee.
You need to notify the Public Guardian of your
application. See note 1 at the end of this form for
information on notifying the Public Guardian.
An objection should be made to the Public
Guardian (instead of the court) in the following
– if you are the donor, by using the form
LPA006 objection by the donor to the
registration of a lasting power of attorney;
– if you object on certain specif‌ied factual
grounds, by using the form LPA007 objection
to the Off‌ice of the Public Guardian of a
proposed registration of a lasting power of
attorney on factual grounds.
You may need to pay for any costs you incur
during the proceedings. If the court considers that
you have acted unreasonably you can be ordered
to pay the costs incurred by other parties.
Please continue on a separate sheet of paper
if you need more space to answer a question.
Write your name, the name and date of birth of
the person to whom the application relates, and
the number of the question you are answering on
each separate sheet.
For assistance in completing the form please see
guidance notes and website:
Court of Protection staff cannot give legal
advice. If you need legal advice please contact
a solicitor.
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