Application to obtain or have modified a decision in matters relating to maintenance obligations

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterFamily law forms
REMO 8 NOTES Guidance Notes for completing Application form referred to as Annex VII in Council Regulation (EC) No 4/2009 (09.13)
Guidance notes for
Application to
obtain a
maintenance decision
or to have a
relating to
Form number: REMO 8 -
form referred to as Annex VII in
(EC) No 4/2009
Set out in this guidance are notes to help you complete the Annex VII form. You should read the
notes to each section carefully before you begin to complete that particular part of your application.
Please ensure that you complete the form as fully as possible and provide all the documents
required to support your application.
For advice on court procedures, to get the forms you need or for help filling them in, court staff will
be able to help you. But remember, court staff cannot give you legal advice. For example, they
cannot tell you if you are likely to be successful in recovering maintenance.
Contact details for your local court can be obtained from
Part A
1 4)
Please leave this section blank. This portion of the form is completed by the reciprocal enforcement of
maintenance unit (REMO) once they have received your application.
Part B (section 5)
Please indicate the nature of the application you are applying for and where appropriate the grounds on
which it is based. Section 5.1 should be completed for an application to obtain a decision. Section 5.2
should be completed if you wish to apply for modification of a decision.
Part B (section 6)
In this section give full details about yourself including your name, contact information and date of birth.
Your personal address can be replaced with an alternative address if you believe this needs to remain
confidential, because there is a risk of family violence.
Part B
7 and 8) Please detail the name and as much information as you have on
the defendant. This is particularly important where you do not have the full address information.
Where you are unsure of the address for the defendant it may be possible for the foreign
Government to help locate the defendant, but this is likely to be more successful if you provide
information such as the defendant’s date of birth, last known address, employer, social security
number or any other information that might assist.
Part B (section 9)
In this section set out the name and date of birth for each person/child for whom maintenance is
sought or owed. The application form provides
space for
three persons/children but if the decision
you wish to obtain or modify relates to more than three, please continue on a separate sheet and
attach it to the application form. If the person is you, the applicant, or the defendant you can just
tick the relevant box at 9.1 or 9.2.

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