Application to vary, extend or discharge a Forced Marriage Protection Order

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterFamily law forms
Application to vary, extend or
discharge a forced marriage
protection order
Part 4A Family Law Act 1996
1 About you (the applicant)
If you do not wish your address to be made known to the
respondent or other persons, leave this space blank and
complete Condential contact details Form C8 (if you have not
already done so). You can get a copy of this form from any
family court ofce or from our website at
State your title, full name, address, telephone
number and date of birth (if under 18).
State your solicitor’s name, address, reference,
telephone, FAX and DX numbers.
Solicitor’s fee
account no.
If you are already a party to the case, give your
description (for example, applicant, respondent or
2 The order(s) for which you are applying Please attach a copy of the order if possible.
I am applying to vary
the order dated:
If you are applying for an order to be varied or
extended please give details of the order which
you would like the court to make:
To be completed by the court
Date issued
Case number
The court to which you are applying:
Note: the application should be made to the court currently dealing
with the forced marriage proceedings (whether or not this is
the court which made the order you wish to vary).
FL403A Application to vary, extend or discharge a forced marriage protection order (04.17) © Crown copyright 2017
Note: If you are an individual applicant, you MUST NOT serve the documents yourself on the person you
are seeking the order against.
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