Form PA1A

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterProbate forms and guidance
PA1A — Probate application
This form is for an application where the
person who has died did not leave a will
that deals with assets in England and Wales
Checklist – before you send your application form to HMCTS Probate
you will need to enclose the following. This checklist must be completed.
If you do not enclose all of the required documents it will delay your
application. Please keep copies of all documents that you send.
PA1A - Probate Application (this form)
Inheritance Tax Summary Form: Please submit the appropriate form
(IHT205 or IHT207, and IHT217 if applicable), signed by all applicants
(see additional notes in Section 6).
A copy of any foreign wills or any wills dealing with assets held outside
England and Wales (and if not in English, an English translation).
An ocial copy (not a photocopy) of the death certicate, or a coroner’s
interim certicate of the person who has died.
Any other documents requested on this form. Please list them:
As well as the application fee, there is a fee for each ocial copy of the
Grant of Representation that we provide.
How many ocial copies of the Grant of Representation do you
require for use in the United Kingdom?
How many ocial copies of the Grant of Representation do you
require for use outside of the United Kingdom?
Application fee £
Fees for copies £
Total fees £
Debit or Credit card. (This payment must be made before you send your
application and the payment reference entered in the box below.)
Payment reference
A cheque/postal order payable to ‘HMCTS in respect of HMCTS’s fees. Please
write the name of the person who has died on the back of the cheque.
PA1A Probate application - without a will (12.19) © Crown copyright 2019
Details of how to pay by debit
or credit card can be found at
Please send your form and
required documents with
payment to HMCTS Probate,
PO Box 12625, Harlow, CM20
If you need help lling out this
form please call the
Probate Helpline
0300 123 1072
We cannot provide legal advice
Did you know you can apply
for Probate online?
Go to
1. About the applicant(s) – All applicants must be over 18 years
and a maximum of 4 may apply
1.1 Title and full name including middle names of rst applicant
First name(s)
Middle name(s)
Last name
1.2 Your address
Building and street
Second line of address
Town or city
County (optional)
Note 1.1 –
all correspondence, including
the Grant of Representation,
will be sent to the rst
applicant named in this
Only list applicants who
wish to be named on the
grant in this section and
they will be required to sign
this document. Please note
that the names you provide
here must match the names
provided on your formal
ID. E.g. passport or Driving
Where there are persons aged
under 18 beneting from the
estate then two applicants (or
at least two) will be needed
in Section A. You may wish
to contact HMCTS Probate to
seek information in regard to
who is eligible to apply.
Please complete in BLOCK
capitals placing a tick in
boxes where applicable.

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