Apply to keep your contact details confidential from other parties in family proceedings

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterChildren Act forms
The Court Case number
The full name(s) of the child(ren) Child(ren)’s number(s)
Your full name
The omitted contact details
This form is to be used by any party in Family Proceedings who does not wish to reveal their contact
details - such as the contact details of any child, the address of the party, telephone number, email
address etc. These details will be kept for use by the court and Cafcass or CAFCASS Cymru and will not
be revealed to any other person except by Order of the Court.
Please note: you will need to make sure that any form or document, either completed by you now,
or at a later date, for use in court does not contain the information you wish to keep private. This
includes documents received from other people e.g. medical reports or nancial statements etc.
The court sta are not able to check the documents you submit to the court for any
unintentional disclosure of your contact details.
Please list below the contact details that you wish to keep private.
C8 Condential contact details (04.19) © Crown copyright 2019
Condential contact details Form C8
Family Procedure Rules 2010 Rule 29.1
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