April Fools Day brings sub hand, purple Wimbledon and waffle toaster

Publication Date01 Apr 2021
Oh, and then, as suddenly as they are announced, they disappear for good.

Or it's almost as if they weren't genuine in the first place.

Let's take a look at some of the latest announcements from big brands timed specifically for April 1.

Subway's Helping hand

Today, Subway announces the launch of their new ‘Helping Hand’ gadget – allowing users to scroll, swipe and like online without spilling the contents of their Footlong Sub.

Subway’s best-selling sandwich format, the Footlong, comes packed with a choice of delicious fillings and toppings. However, the giant sandwich occupies both hands – leaving customers unable to catch up on social media or messages during their lunch hour.

The new smart-tech gadget, which provides a ‘third hand’ solution, is attached via an ergonomic wrist-strap. The device firmly clamps a Footlong Sub, holding its contents in place so customers can switch between smartphone apps without having to put down their lunch.

Multi-taskers can now enjoy their favourite Footlong Sub without risk of a Southwest Sauce spillage or a tomato tumble, with the gadget being trialled nationwide from April 1 for customers who pick-up their Footlong Subs orders in-store.

A Subway spokesperson said “Our smart-tech is going revolutionise lunchtime. It's a gamechanger for customers who don’t want to lose out in their midday break. For anyone that finds the idea a bit weird, we’re still happy to just cut their Subs in half.”


When it comes to drinking food, the experts at Heinz and innocent believe the more the berrier. That’s why the two icons have teamed up on April 1 to give you the fruitiest, veggiest drink you never knew you needed, until now, Smoup! Part soup, part smoothie, Smoup is a tasty blend of the iconic Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup and innocent’s best selling strawberry and banana smoothie.

As British tastebuds continue to evolve, Heinz and innocent continue to pioneer groundbreaking new flavours. If you’ve ever, erm, wished that you could enjoy a hearty soup and a refreshing smoothie at the same time, then you can thank your Smoupy stars that Heinz and innocent decided to jump on a Zoom call together and make Smoup a reality.

Combining 111 years of Heinz soup know-how and 22 years of innocent messing around with bananas, this curious mash up will set tastebuds and tongues wagging. Close your eyes, open your mind, and imagine the best bits of these much-loved drinks, together at last: hearty tomatoes that warm you to your core, whilst sweet strawberries and bananas giving you a zesty burst of freshness. All you have to decide is, do you eat it or drink it

Diletta Fagioli, Senior Brand Manager at Heinz said “We were very excited to make Smoup a reality with help from our fruity friends at innocent. At Heinz, we love to create new and tasty products for the public whether it’s Heinz Creamz, mixing Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup with Heinz Beanz or even a Heinz Tomato Ketchup filled truffle, there’s nothing we’re scared to try and we always make it taste delicious. Initially you might question why we wanted to create this, but once you try it your doubts will subside, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this chilled delight. Smoup is going to be a craze that sweeps the nation this April.”

Anna Clare, innocent’s Head of Good Ideas said: “Liquid fruit plus liquid veg It’s liquid gold. Drink it hot, drink it cold, drink it with a spoon, dip bread in it...it’s more versatile than a Swiss Army Knife, and a lot easier to swallow. Don’t know why we didn’t think of it sooner. It’s the greatest British food combination since fish and chips. Maybe we’ll blend those next.”

Potato waffle toaster

Potato Waffles are an iconic part of British cuisine, but for too long, fans have been unaware that the meal time favourite could be toasted. To clear things up once and for all, the world’s first ‘Waffles Only Toaster’ has now been created.

Only the beloved potato waffle will fit within the toaster’s specifically sized slots, having been created to the exact measurements of Birds Eye’s iconic product.

The ‘Waffles Only Toaster’ includes a heat activated potato waffle print that slowly turns golden until the crisp yet fluffy waffles pop-up in just five minutes. The toaster also plays the iconic Birds Eye “waffly versatile” theme tune, as the waffles toast to perfection.

The launch celebrates 40 years of Birds Eye Potato Waffles and 85 years of leading home and kitchen appliances brand, Morphy Richards.

Jess Ali, Senior Marketing Manager at Birds Eye, said: “Many fans are still unaware that you can cook waffles in the toaster, so it made total sense to launch a toaster that can only cook our iconic Potato Waffles. Given our joint expertise and shared birthdays, we felt it was about time we joined forces with Morphy Richards to create the ultimate waffle toasting appliance. We can’t confirm yet when fans will be able to get their hands on the real deal – but watch this space!”

Annaliese Curtis, Marketing Manager at Morphy Richards, said: “We don’t want to waffle on too much but we’re confident this new bespoke appliance will be the toast of every kitchen in the country! Birds Eye potato waffles and Morphy Richards have both been firm family favourites for decades so what better way to celebrate our anniversaries with a bespoke potato waffle toaster for all those die-hard fans, helping to make meal times even easier.”

News of the partnership comes following last year’s announcement that Birds Eye had added ‘toasting’ as a new cooking method to packs of its Original Potato Waffles, much to the delight of fans

Hot Tea Tap

Tea-lovers purchasing a new property from Keepmoat Homes are in for a treat – in what is believed to be a world first, the housebuilder is installing instant hot tea taps in the kitchens of its new homes.

With the UK being one of the largest tea consumers in the world, and with more people working from home this last year, the top ten national housebuilder came up with the idea of an ‘instant tea solution’ for homeowners.

The company drew on industry-leading technology and techniques to deliver this latest innovation designed to provide homeowners with the perfect brew at the turn of a tap.

The appliance has been designed to dispense cold water, hot water as well as tea at the homeowner’s convenience depending on how the tap is turned.

Dan Crew, Regional Managing Director at Keepmoat Homes, said: “We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to make our homeowners’ lives a little easier and with many of us now working from home, and tea consumption on the rise, we created the perfect solution, a hot tea dispensing tap.

“Sitting down with a cuppa is an instant mood-lifter and there’s science behind the feel-good factor, it contains antioxidants, boosts the immune and digestive system, whilst containing less caffeine than coffee.

“The instant hot tea tap is designed to reduce the time waiting for the kettle to boil and the teabag to brew. It also declutters the kitchen of a kettle and there’s no more dropped teabags on the floor.

“The biggest task was finding the right consistency for the tea as we appreciate everyone enjoys their cuppa at different strengths, but our R and D team have cracked a ‘perfect brew’ system which allows tea-drinkers to easily regulate from weak to builder’s.”


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