AuthorRhodes, Fred

ARAB BANKING AND FINANCE 2001 17th Edition Published by Tele-Gulf Directory Publications WLL Price $79.00

A significant year for the Arab Banks. An increasingly open global financial sector means that banks need growth and development to make an impact on the new international order. This also demands a higher level of productivity and technical expertise. Arab banks have been quick to realise this challenge and have started seeking strategic alliances and mergers, improving asset quality and diversifying their risks.

Funding the national budget deficit has been a traditional and major source of income for the Arab banking system and therefore, the treasury bills and bonds have remained a favourite outlet for deploying liquidity.

Islamic banking has shown some phenomenal growth in the past decade and the banks are designing more innovative products to meet a growing demand. This could be a major growth area for the Arab banking system in the future.

Arab banks have been...

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