Bail Mail

Date01 September 1989
AuthorJ. Stanyer,S.A. Forrester
Publication Date01 September 1989
Education during the past ten years and
Thirdly, the assumption that no
the suggestion of a similar Probation-
bail application will be made if data is
based exercise does not fill me
with en-
not provided by the Bail Information
thusiasm. In my view, the article falls
Officer, is false and denies the role of
a long way short of convincingly
the Defence Solicitor.
ing the merits of P 1 s. Perhaps, Mr
With regard to negative informa-
Thomas, delay,
tion -
no such information is
contrary to your view,
would indeed be advantageous
to the court in either a written
or an
oral form
the least.
as a direct breach of a defen-
dant’s rights. But if in the very unlikely
Roger Henry
event that such serious facts, like child
Probation Officer, St Austell
abuse, should be unearthed, then clear-
ly the Bail Information Officer, as a
Bail Mail
probation officer, would use his/her
professional judgement as to how best
As probation officers actively engaged
to protect all. Discussion with the
in running and developing Bail Infor-
Defence Solicitor -
who also has a
mation Schemes, we welcomed and
moral obligation wider than to his
support the excellent article by
client alone -
could result in a bail ap-
Christine Fiddes (Pj June 1989). Alas
plication being supported but with dif-
same cannot be said for Jeremy
arrangements which would
Cameron’s contribution which im-
safeguard all parties.
Bail Schemes
support the role of
as naive on several points.
the Defence
Firstly, Bail Schemes aim
Solicitor, but more impor-
to sup-
tantly give neutral, positive data to the
port bail as a right, not to undermine
CPS which has been verified. It is so
it. Many defendants, unless facing
easy to criticise the Defence Solicitor,
charges, ie murder, rape etc,
very often it is a Duty Solicitor,
been granted bail several times -
has only met the defendant for a
four is not uncommon - before the
few minutes...

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