Bail Variation Request (SIAC B2)

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterSpecial Immigration Appeals Commission forms
T622 SIAC B2 variation request (07.15) Page 1 of 2
The Immigration Acts Bail Variation
Request Form SIAC B2
Please ensure that each field is completed and that this form is sent to the Government legal department on
behalf of the Secretary of State for the Home Department (SSHD) and SASO by email and fax (020 7210
3433) and copied to SIAC as soon as the appellant becomes aware of the need for a request and in any
event, not later than five clear working days prior to the date of the proposed request save in the case of
genuine emergency. The more information that is provided, the quicker the request can be considered.
Failure to provide sufficient notification may result in an objection by the SSHD and refusal of the variation
requested by SIAC on that ground.
1 Date
2 Appellant
3 Solicitors contact details
4 Date variation required for
Nature of request (time of
appointment, who appellant will
be meeting and purpose of visit)
6 Proposed time of departure from
Proposed time of return to
residence (unless agreed by
SIAC, this will be the time the
normal curfew starts)
Proposed travel arrangements
(specific route, timing and method
of transport)

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