Bath and Bristol Canal and Bristol Waterworks Act 1811

Cited as:1811 c. clxvii
Jurisdiction:UK Non-devolved
Bath and Bristol Canal and Bristol Waterworks Act 1811

(51 Geo. 3) c. clxvii

An Act for making a Navigable Canal between the Cities of Bath and Bristol; and also, for supplying with Water the Inhabitants of the City of Bristol, and its Neighbourhood.

[15th June 1811]

ANNO QUINQUAGESIMO PRIMO GEORGII III. REGIS. Cap. 16T. An Act for making a Navigable Canal between the Cities of Bath and Briftol;, and alfo, for fup-j^lying with Water the Inhabitants of the City of Briftol) and its Neighbourhood* [15th June^ i8ii,] "W/W* TTHEREAS the making and maintaining a Navigable Canal for \/m/ -fi-a^- Barges, and other Veflels, from the Kennet and Avon V ' jr- Canal, in.the Parilh of Lyncomb and Wtdcomb, in the County of Somerfet, and adjoining or near to the City of Bath% to or near to Old Market Streety'xn the Parilh of Saint Philip and Jacobs in the City of Briftol^ andi at Navigable Cut from and out of the faid Canal, in the Parifh of Saint Philip drd. Jacob9 in the County of Gloucefter^ to the Briftol Dock or Floating Harbour, in,the fame Parifh, will facilitate the Conveyance of Goods, Wares, and Merchandize, not only to and from the Cities of Bath' and Brifioh but alfo to and from the Ports of London and Briftol^ Snd will afford a cheap and convenient Conveyance by Water to Per tons paffing between Bath and Briftol^ and will be of great publick Utility: And whereas the fupplying the Inhabitants of the City of Briftol, and its Environs, with Water for domeftic Purpofes, and for the Purpoies of, Manufacture, and as a Refource in Cafes of Accidents by Fire, by Water works to be made and erefled in-Manner after-mentioned, would coo- tribute to the Health, Convenience, and Safety of the" faid Inhabitants j but fuch Canal and othec Works cannot be made and executed without [lw4 & Ptr.] 42 4L the 3836 s-i? GEO'R'GII m. Cap.167. and out of and 'from Tthe preferit Courfe of the faid River Avon, near the South End of the fame Bridge,, into and through the Parifhes, Townfliips,. or Places of Lyncomb and Widcomb, Twerton, otherwiie Twherton,. Newton* Corfton, Saltford, and Keynjham, in the County of Somtrfet; and Bitton, Old Land, Hanham, Sainf George and Saint Philip ana Jacob, in the County .of Gloucejter; and Saint Philip and Jacob, in the City and County of the City of Brijlol* to or near to a certain Street in the faid laft-mentioned Parifh, called Old Market Street: And alfo a Navigable Cut from the fame Canal, from and out of a certain Piece of Gatden Ground belonging tot George Hooper,- and in the Occupation of Stephen Keely in the Parifh of Saint Philip and Jacob, in the faid County ofGfou- General cejlen into the Brijlol Dock or Floating Harbour in the fame Parifh, and Power* tQ fUppiy the faid Canal and Cut refpe&ively whilft the fame (hall be making, and at all Times for ever after the fatae (hall be made, with Water from all fuch Springs as fhall be found in making the fame, and from all Rivers, Springs; Brooks, Streams, and Watercourfes whatfoever, which are or fhall be found within the Diftance of Two thoufand Yards from any Part of the faid Canal and Cut refpedively, and alfo from any Refervoiror Refervoirs belonging thereto, to be made as after-mentioned, and for that Purpofe to cleanfe, fcour, deepen, enlarge, or ftraighten any fuch Rivers, Brooks, Streams, or Water-courfes, or* any others which may come or'be brought into the fame refpeftively; and alfo to vary the Courfe of the,faid River Avon, in the faid Parifh of Saint Jamesy in the City of Bath; and to make* "fink, and drive fuch and fo many Wells* Tunnels, Levels, Perforations, Feeders, and Aquedu&Si and to make, ereift,. and'fet up fuch and fo many Weirs, Steam Engines, and othier Machines, with proper Shafts and Tunnels.thereto for fupplying the faid Canal and Cut, and.Refervoirs with Water, and for conveying Water to or from the fame, any or either of them, or from the fame or any of them to the other or others of them, or any Part thereof refpe&ively,: or for any'.other Purpofe. neceffary for the better making and maintaining of fuch Canal and Cut refpe&ively, as they the faid Company of Proprie* tors fhall from Time to-Time think proper and expedient: Provided that the faid Company, of Proprietors fhall not ereft any Steam Engine or other Mac.hine for fupplying the faid Canal with Water to the Eafl wardof.Hanbam^ Mills% except .the faid Company fhall build the faid Engine on the Bitton Side of the River Avon \ and for the feveral Purpofes aforefaid, from Time to Time, and at all Times after the pafTang of this A6fc, to enter into and; upon the Lands^nd Grounds of or belonging to any Per* fon or PerCons, Bodies Politic, Corporate or Collegiate, whatsoever, and to furvey and take Levels of the fame or any Part thereof, and to fetout and aicertain fuch Part or Parts thereof as they the faid Company of Proprietors fhall think neceffary and proper.for.the making, completing, maintaining, improving and ufing of the faid Canal and Cut, and the other Works and Conveniences .hereby authorized to be made, and there to bore, dig, cut, trench, and forigh,- and alfo to remove, take and carry away any. Earth, Clay, Stone, Soil, kubbifh, Trees, Roots of Trees, Beds of Gravel or Sand, or any other Matters or Things.whacfoever Which fhall or may be dug or got in the making, or which may hinder, prevent or obftruft the making, carrying on, maintaining or repairing the faid Canal and Cue* Refervoirs, and other Works reflectively,.or of fuch Feeders, Trenches, Paffages, Levels, Drains, Wells, Tunnels, Aquedu&s and Water-eourfes, as fhall or may be neceffary or convenient to convey Water to or from the faid Canal and Cut, and Refervoirs re/pe&ively, according to the true In- 5t ^OIt m HI. Ctyify. tent and Meaning of this Aft i and alfo as well for the carrying and convey ing of all mariner of Materials neceflary or intended for' the making, erod ing, finifhing, altering, repairing, amending, widening, enlarging or im proving^ the faid Canal, Cut, and other Works herein authorized, as alfo for the Purpofes of the faid intended Navigation, and for the carrying and conveying of Goods, Wares, Merchandize* and other Things, to and from the faid Canal and Cut, and for the landing, loading* houfing, regulating and preferving the fame, and alfo to make% build, drive, eredf and fet up in or upon the faid Canal and Cut refpe&ively, or in or upon the Lands adjoining or near thereto refpe£tivelyrfuch and fo many Bridges; Tunnels,.Soughs, Aquedufts, Sluices, Locks, Flood-gates, Weirs, Banks, Dams, s Pens for Water, Water Stanks, Rcfervoirs, Drains, Wharfs, Quays, Tolt- houfes, Warehoufes, Watch-houfes, lianding-places, Weighing Beahis, Cranes, Dry Docks, Fire Engines, and other Machines, Ways, Roads, Gates, Fences, and Conveniencies, as and where they the faid Company of Proprietors (hall think requifite and convenient, andTfrom Time to Time ro alter, repair, and amend, or difcontinue the fame or an/ or fuch of them and no more as the (aid Company fhall from Time^to Time/;0r kt any Time hereafter, deem it, expedient and ufeful to repair, amende alter or difcontinue, or (hall deem it unneceflary or inexpedient, or no longer neceffary or expedient to repair, amend, maintain, or continue; for the'Purpofes of the faid intended Navigation; and to place/ lay, work; o~r manufacture any Materials, on the Lands or Grounds, near to the Place or Places where the faid Works or any of them (hall bes carrying dry; and alfo from Timeto Time to make, maintain, repair, and alter anyFences, Roads, or Paflages unto, from, over, under, through, or near unto the faid Canal and Cut refpeftively, or the Tiinhels, Acjuedu&s; Soughs, Trenches,: Gutters, Warehoufes, and^Sluices^ which (hall cohfimunicate therewith refpe&ively ; and alfo to make, fet out, and appoint fuch Tow ing Paths, Banks, Roads, and.Ways, for the towing, haling, or drawing of'Boats, Barges, and other Veffels, pafftngupoft t'he faid Canal -arid Cut refpt£tively, with Men, Horfes, of otherwifey and fuch convenient Placed for Boats, Barges, and other Veffel^, to turny lie, or pafs each other in a& the faid*Company of Proprietors (hall think'proper and expedient; and alfo to digi take, and ^arry away any,-,- Clay, Gravel, i Sand, Chalk, Flint, or Stone, which (hall be proper, requifite,, and .convenieiit for the carrying'on,*repairingi and maintaining of the feveral Works afore faid, or any of them in or from the Grounds of any Perfon or f*erforis adjoin ing or flying* contiguous thereunto, or -within the Diftahce of Two thoufand Yards thereof: and alfo to Gohftruc!!, ere 2t, kt upj make, and-dp all or any other Works, Matters, and Things whatfoever, which they (hail think requifite 4nd neceffary, or convenient for the making, carrying on, completing, repairing, improving, maintaining, and ufing of the faid Cainal and Cut refpectively, in purfuance and within the true Intent.arid Meaning of this Aft, they, the faid Company ot Proprietors^and their Agents, Servants, and Workmen, doing as little Damagcxis may'beVih the Execution of the feveral Powers to them hereby/grariced, and repairing fuch Damage, -.either wholly or fo far forth ^sl they (hall find" it practicable and expedient, or if they the faid Company ihall be unwillihg to repair the 4amej then, as they (Kail be required and direfted by,the Commif- fiohers hereinafter appointed; and further, from Time* to Time, making SatisfaSion in the Manner hereinafter mentioned,, to the Owners or Pro prietors of and. the 'Perfons interefted in the Lan ^Gibundl,: Tene ts. fc? PtrJ] 42 R menti 3ft8 5* GEORGII TIL #/#. t&y. mervt$v 6r Hereditamfems, Waters^ Water-ton pfe's*, Brooks, 6r'Riv^rfi refpedtively, which fliall or ,fftay be taken, ufed, removed, diverted, pre* |udiced or deftroyed,.for the Purpofes aforefaid,* as well for all Darpa-gc&c^ be by the Entry and other the aforelaid A&s of the faid Company occasioned, whieh fball Wholly continue and be fdftained, as...

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