Battling spam at the ISP level.

Position:Security Viewpoint

Kaspersky Labs offers a new level of anti-spare protection developed specifically to filter spam at the level of Internet providers. Anti-Spam ISP Edition allows Internet providers to solve the problem of system resources overload due to enormous volumes of spam. It operates at the level of Internet Service Providers, works under Linux and FreeBSD. The system recognizes, identifies and filters unsolicited mail messages when email is being received via SMTP protocol, hi this way, the filtering of spam is carried out before the message is delivered to the final recipients mailbox. The solution has a minimal effect on system performance in order to optimize the product for ISP use.

The use of modem identification technology means that 90-95% of spam can be identified as such. These results are due to a series of new technologies developed by Kaspersky Labs. The combination of several filtration methods--linguistic analysis (encompassing not only the...

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