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The British Computer Society (BCS) have disclosed the results of a new survey that indicates that good professional skills, security technology and strong investment are essential factors for the UK to become more competitive within the global information technology (IT) market Conducted between June-August among 319 British IT managers and directors who are BCS members, the survey also reveals that nearly 700/o of respondents feel that government investment in the sector is inadequate or not applied efficiently. The survey results are being announced in advance

of the BCS IT Professional Awards 2004 on 19 October, at which excellence, professionalism and innovation among IT professionals in the UK will be honoured.

Key findings of the survey include:

* Thirty eight percent of respondents believe the government is not investing in the British IT industry in an efficient way, while nearly the same number (36%) believes there is too little investment.

* The top three qualities vital to competitiveness are viewed as: professional skill set (76%), employment of technology (37%) and strong investment 05%)

* Security technology is viewed as crucial to the UK industry's development. Approximately 750% of respondents believe that providing solutions for security, or adopting security technologies in their products, will be key to the UK's competitiveness in the global market. A further 53% believe that the adoption or supply of personal computing products will hold similar success, while 36% make the case for application software.

* IT Investment priorities in the next twelve months include...

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