Book Reviews : Where on Drugs— a parents' handbook Advisory Centre for Education. 35p

AuthorD.A.T. Moore
Published date01 September 1971
Date01 September 1971
Subject MatterArticles
Where on Drugs—
Probation Officers
a parents’ handbook
in Prison
Advisory Centre for Education. 35p
Treatment of Offenders Committee of
Where on Drugs is described as a con-
cise unhysterical approach to the drugs
This is a factual document based on
problem and aims to give its readers
replies sent by probation officers work-
advice on with this and as,o-
ing in prisons in answer to a question-
ciated problems when they arise. In
naire drawn up by the Treatment of
common with other ACE publications
Offenders’ Committee.
seems to
be amed at
The overall impression is that proba-
middle-class parents and in this category
tion oflicers are an adaptable breed, for
it lives up to these claims.
although working conditions and case-
The approach is calm and factual and
loads showed much variation people still
the advice is reassuring- -comforting al-
felt that just about the best had been
most, to parents who might be worried
done in the circumstances. Sheer weight
about their ohildren’s involvement in
of numbers, however, could bring over-
drug abuse. The contributors stress
whelming pressures. This last would
throughout the position of drug abuse as
seem to point to the need to establish
another symptom of adolescent conflict.
criteria about whom to work with and
Although parents are advised not to
why, and a greater degree of confidence
allow their anxiety regarding drugs to
in abiding by such decisions.
preoccupy them and are warned not to
There were feelings by some officers
specifically watoh for signs that their
that conflict was engendered by dual
children might be misusing drugs, the
responsibility to the Governor and
book contains the almost obligatory lists
P.P.O. Some of this, however, must be
of drugs-their effects; how to recognise
the built-in conflict between the differ-
their symptoms, etc. Perhaps it is as well
ing aims of the differing services which
that the signs are easier to describe...

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