Books Received

Date01 December 2014
Publication Date01 December 2014
Books Received
James ALLAN, Democracy in Decline, Montreal, McGill-Queen's
University Press, 2014, £19.99.
Lois S. BIBBINGS, Binding Men, Abingdon, Routledge, 2014, £80.00.
Christos BOUKALAS, Homeland Security, its Law and its State, Abingdon,
Routledge, 2014, £80.00.
Irus BRAVERMAN, Nicholas BLOMLEY, David DELANEY, and
Alexandre KEDAR (eds.), The Expanding Spaces of Law, California,
Stanford University Press, 2014, $55.00.
Russell BREWER, Policing the Waterfront, Oxford, Oxford University
Press, 2014, £65.00.
Sheila CARAPICO, Political Aid and Arab Activism, Cambridge,
Cambridge University Press, 2014, £19.99.
Lynette J. CHUA, Mobilizing Gay Singapore, Philadelphia, Temple
University Press, 2014, $69.50.
William E. CONKLIN, Statelessness, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2014,
Marianne CONSTABLE, Our Word is Our Bond: How Legal Speech Acts,
California, Stanford University Press, 2014, $27.95.
Robert D. COOTER and Ariel PORAT, Getting Incentives Right, Oxford,
Princeton University Press, 2014, £34.95.
Pharmaceuticals, Corporate Crime and Public Health, Cheltenham,
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014, £95.00.
Ronald DWORKIN, Religion Without God, London, Harvard University
Press, 2013, £13.95.
Charles R. EPP, Steven MAYNARD-MOODY, and Donald HAIDER-
MARKEL, Pulled Over: How Police Stops Define Race and Citizenship,
Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2014, £17.50.
Trevor C.W. FARROW, Civil Justice, Privatization, and Democracy,
Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2014, $80.00.
Martha Albertson FINEMAN and Anna GREAR (eds.), Vulnerability,
Farnham, Ashgate Publishing, 2013, £35.00.
Rosa FREEDMAN, Failing to Protect, London, Hurst Publishers, 2014,
Markku HEISKANEN, Marcelo F. AEBI, Willem van der BRUGGE, and
Jorg-Martin JEHLE (eds.), Recording Community Sanctions and
Measures and Assessing Attrition, Helskini, European Institute for Crime
Prevention and Control, 2014, npg.
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