Books Received

Publication Date01 Jun 2009
Books Received
Daniel AGUIRRE, The Human Right to Development in a Globalized World,
Aldershot, Ashgate Publishing, 2008, £55.00.
Keith AOKI, James BOYLE, and Jennifer JENKINS, Bound by Law?
Durham N.C., Duke University Press, 2008, £9.99.
Logan ATKINSON and Diana MAJURY (eds.), Law, Mystery, and the
Humanities: Collected Essays, Toronto, University of Toronto Press,
2008, £42.00.
Margaret E. BEARE (ed.), Honouring Social Justice, Toronto, University of
Toronto Press, 2009, £60.00.
Christine BELL, On the Law of Peace, Oxford, Oxford University Press,
2008, £60.00 (hbk), £22.50 (pbk).
Lionel BENTLY and Brad SHERMAN, Intellectual Property Law (3
Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2008, £37.99.
Andrew BOON and Jennifer LEVIN, The Ethics and Conduct of Lawyers in
England and Wales, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2008, £32.00.
David BOONIN, The Problem of Punishment, Cambridge, Cambridge
University Press, 2008, £15.99.
(eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Political Methodology, Oxford, Oxford
University Press, 2008, £85.00.
Anthony BRADNEY, Law and Faith in a Sceptical Age, Abingdon,
Routledge-Cavendish, 2009, £70.00.
Roger BROWNSWORD and Karen YEUNG (eds.), Regulating
Technologies, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2008, £22.50.
Caroline BUCKLEY and Stephen BUCKLEY, Understanding Criminal
Law, Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2008, £11.99.
Maureen CAIN and Adrian HOWE (eds.), Women, Crime and Social Harm,
Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2008, £22.00.
Ed CAPE and Richard YOUNG (eds.), Regulating Policing, Oxford, Hart
Publishing, 2008, £30.00.
Richard COLLIER and Sally SHELDON, Fragmenting Fatherhood, Oxford,
Hart Publishing, 2008, £30.00.
Samantha CURRIE, Migration, Work and Citizenship in the Enlarged
European Union, Aldershot, Ashgate Publishing, 2008, £60.00.
Koen DE FEYTER and George PAVLAKOS (eds.), The Tension Between
Group Rights and Human Rights, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2008, £45.00.
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