Boris Johnson's furious constituents say they won't vote for 'non-existent' PM after No 10 party scandals

Publication Date14 January 2022
Publication titleMyLondon (England)
Constituents in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, where Mr Johnson is the local MP, expressed their anger following a series of allegations about parties that took place at No 10 during Covid lockdowns and restrictions

It comes as Johnson admitted to being present at a party attended by around 40 people in the Downing Street garden on 20 May, 2020.

At the time, the UK was in it first lockdown, and people were only allowed to meet one other person in a public space.

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The Local Democracy Reporting Service spoke to Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituents to understand how the scandals had changed their opinions of Johnson.

Ten out of 12 constituents said they would not vote for the Prime Minister at a future election, while two said that they most likely would vote for him.

Uxbridge resident Michael Carroll expressed his disappointment with the Prime Minister’s actions and said he never spent time in the constituency: “He’s non-existent here as an MP.”

When asked whether he had voted for Johnson at the 2019 general election, Mr Carroll said: “There was a clown standing and there was Count Binface, so I voted for Count Binface.

“When [Johnson] was being elected, he stayed in Westminster. I think that shows the measure of the man.”

Constituents Mr and Mrs Williams branded Johnson “terrible” and said his actions damaged his authority.

“It’s stupid. He knows he was there,” Mrs Williams added. “If we went into lockdown again, no one is going to listen.”

On his performance as an MP she said: “He hasn’t done anything to help us. So far all we have had to do is suffer.”

One Uxbridge constituent who works as a paramedic and wished to remain anonymous branded Johnson’s attendance at the party “absolutely horrendous”.

She said she had been coming off a night shift with the London...

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