Building a case for evidence: research at the International Records Management Trust, Rights and Records Institute

Published date01 April 2000
Date01 April 2000
AuthorKimberley Barata,Piers Cain,Anne Thurston
Subject MatterInformation & knowledge management
Building a case for evidence:
research at the International
Records Management Trust,
Rights and Records Institute
The availability of documentary evidence strengthens civil society by helping to
protect legal rights and prevent human rights violations. Legal redress, voting
rights, land registration and pension claims all depend upon the availability of
records. Conversely, the loss of control of records undermines the state’s ability
to protect the people. Furthermore, in the absence of well-managed records,
information can be manipulated, transparency becomes impossible and fraud
ourishes. Citizens cannot participate meaningfully in the governance process or
hold government officials accountable for their actions and decisions. Freedom
of Information is meaningless.
The International Records Management Trust, Rights and Records Institute is
dedicated to serving the international information management community. It
acts as a leading resource for technical information and services through research
and education. Through its activities, the Institute seeks to empower developing
country governments to manage public records in support of citizen’s rights and
to make public sector service delivery more efficient and economic. This article
introduces broadly the work of the Trust and the newly established Rights and
Records Institute and inform on both ongoing and completed research.
The work of the Trust
The International Records Management Trust was set up in 1989 to
develop new approaches to managing public sector records. Its creation
was prompted by the recognition that there were major recordkeeping
problems in the public sector of English-speaking developing countries.
Officials in ministries and departments were finding it impossible to
Records Management Journal, vol. 10, no. 1, April 2000, pp. 9–22
Records Management Journal, Vol. 10, No. 1, April 2000
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