The African Export-Import Bank [Afreximbank] is a pan-African multilateral financial institution established in 1993, for the purpose of financing and promoting intra and extra African trade. "The Bank" is currently hiring the below positions. All positions are based at "The Bank's" Headquarters [HQ] in Cairo, Egypt unless otherwise stated. To view further information on Afreximbank, please visit their website:

Director, Export Development

* Based in Cairo, Egypt.

* Responsible for export development policies and project finance.

* To apply, contact Danelle at

Manager, Strategy & Innovation (Performance & Reporting]

* Based in Cairo, Egypt.

* Responsible for strategy and business performance and reporting.

* To apply, contact: Thania at

Manager, Information Technology [Core Banking Support]

* Based in Cairo, Egypt.

* Responsible for core banking functional support and configuration management.

* To apply, contact Lizette at

Manager, Legal (Project & Asset Finance]

* Based in Cairo, Egypt.

* Responsible for the provision of internal legal services with a focus on project and asset finance.

* Fluent in English and French.

* To apply, contact Pandora at

Regional Chief Operating Officer (Southern Africa]

* Based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

* Responsible for branch business development and management.

* To apply, contact Pandora at

Manager, Banking Operations (Commodities]

* Based in Cairo, Egypt.

* Administering, monitoring and managing facilities for commodity...

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