CACHE 5 released.

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CACHE 5. a new version of Intersystems post-relational database enables real-time analytics in transaction processing environments.


High performance analytics for data warehousing has been around for years, but the poor update performance of the bit map indexes used in warehousing applications has made them unusable in transaction processing environments

The new Transactional Bit Map Indexing available in CACHE 5 will be especially useful for complex queries, such as DNA testing for infectious diseases, molecular oncology, mutational analysis, and human identity testing.

Key features include:

CACHE Web Services provides built-in support for Web Services, without requiring either a separate application server, or other complications. CACHE is fully compatible with both Net and Java frameworks for Web Services, but not dependent on either. Any CACHE object method or stored procedure can automatically be exposed as a Web Service, with full SOAP and WSDL support. Existing CACHE applications can be Web Services enabled without modification and new Web Services applications can be built. CACHE...

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