Caledonian Railway Act 1902

Cited as:1902 c. cxlvi
Jurisdiction:UK Non-devolved

Caledonian Railway Act 1902

(2 Edw. 7) c. cxlvi

An Act to confer further powers on the Caledonian Railway Company in relation to their undertaking to authorise certain alterations or deviations of the Callander and Oban and Lochearnhead St. Fillans and Comrie Railways at or near Lochearnhead Station to provide for the transfer to the Caledonian Railway Company of the undertakings of the Lochearnhead St. Fillans and Comrie and the Paisley and Barrhead District Railway Companies to revive and extend the powers for the purchase of lands and completion of works by the Caledonian and other railway companies and for other purposes

[31st July 1902]

CHAPTER cxlvi. An Act to confer further powers on tlie Caledonian Railvay J.IL IWL. _I C'oinpany in relation to their undertaking to authorise certain alterations or cleviat ions of the Callander and Okmn aid Lochearchead Ht. Fillans and Conirie Rail- ways at or near Lochearnhead Station to provide for the transfer to the Caledonian Railway Company of tlie undertakings of the Lochearnhead St. Fillans and Comrie and the Paisley and Barrhead District Railway Conipaiiies to revive and extend the powers for the purchase of laids and conipletion of works by tlie Caledonian aiid other railway companies and for other purposes. . [31st July 1902.1 IrlERXAS the Caledonian Railway Company (herein-af ter 13' called 'ctlie coinpaiiy '9) 1iolcl a large amount of ilic sliare capital OF the Callander aiicl Oban Railn-ay Company (herein-after called " the Oban Conipany ") and work the railway of that company in perpetuity : And nrhercns it is expedient that the alteration or deria1,ion of the Callander and Oban Railway at the Lochearnhead Station herein-after described shoulcl be a titliorised for tlic prpose of t lie improvement of tliat station : llailwar Act 1997 the Lochearnliead St. Fillans and Comrie ltnilway Coiiipaiiy (herein-after cnllcd (' the Locliearnhcad Campany ") mere incorpor~ ted ancl nnthorised to construct n railway from the Callander and Obau Railway tit Lochearnhead Station to the Crieff and Coiiiyie Railway at Convie Station aiid bp that Act the Company were authorised to work the railway in perpetuity ancl it is expedient that the deviation of the line at' or near Lochearnhead station herein-after mentioned should bc autlioriscd .And wliercas by rhe Lochearnhead St. Fillans and Comrie 60 &, 61 7;;Ct. ccxiL. [Price 38.1 A 1 [Ch. cxlvi.] Cdedoniun Bui?wuy Act, 1902. $2 Euw. 7.1 AD. 1902. in comexion with the alteration of the Callaiidcr and Oban Railway : And whereas it is cxpdi~~iit that tlic Compmp shoulcl be authorised to run over work and usc tlic Lochearnliead Station of the Callailcler and Oban Railway and tlic pwtioii of that railway herein-after mentioned for the purposes of tlic traffic of the Lochearnhead St. Fillans and Coniric Kailwag : And wlici-eas by the Caledonian Railway (Gcllerai Powers) Act 1899 (licrein-after called '` thz Act of 189`3") tlic Company WCPC authoriscd to subscribe to the undertaking of tlic Locliearnhesd Company the S:IE of eighty-two thousand five hundred pouiids being onc lialf of tlie capital of that company and Iiavc siiicc sabscribed that suiii mid only a small portion of tlic ctlpitd of the Loclicarnlicad Company lins been subscribzd by the public : And wlicreas the construction of tlic Lochcnrnbcad St. Fillans and Comric Railway is 1_ eing prvceeded with and further capital is required to bc raiscd for the completion of tl:c railway and the Company liavc agreed with the Locheamhcatl Conipany to povide tho necessary money on ti:e terms contained in the agreement between the Company and the Lwliearnhead Company schcdidcd to and confirmed hy this Act and that the undertaking of thc Lochcarnhcad Company siiou19 be iransferrcd to the Company : Ancl whereas by tlic Pilislcp and Barrliencl District Railway Act 1897 tile Paisley and Rarrheacl District Railv-sy Cornpauy (licrcin- after called `` the Paisley and Barrliead Company ") wore incor- porated and ai~thorisecl to make certain railways in and around Paisley and Barrilead and the Company wrre authorised to work the undertaking in perpetuity and to subscribe the sulm of one hundrccl and thirty-two thousand pounds bcing two thirds of thc capital of tho li2 a 63Vict. Paisley and Barrhead Company and by the Paisley and Barrhead *. cclv. District Railway Act 1899 tlis Paisley and Barrhead Company wcre authoriscd to makc certain deviations of their rtzilways and additional lines and to raise further capital and the Compuiy WCFC authorised to subscribe a furtlicr sum of eighty thousand pounds being tvo t,hirds of such further capital : And mhercas the Company have subscribed the said sums of one hundred and thirty-two thousand pounds ancl eighty thousand pounds towails the capital of the Yaisley aiid Barrhettcl Company and tho sum of sixty-six thousand pouncls has been subscribed by other parties towards such capital : And whereas the railways of the Paisley ancl Barrhead Company are in course of construction but considerable further capital is required for thc completion thereof : I- c.2 s ci3 ViLt. c. CCSI . oo & (ii Vict. 3. clsxv. 2 [2 EDW. 7.1 CaJedoizicw Railtcay Act, 1902. [Ch. cxlvi,] And nhercas the Company have agreed with the Paisley and A.D. 1002. Barrhead Company to providc tlic necessary capital for the coni- - pletion OC the lincs on the terms contained in the agreement between the Compniiy and tlic l'aisley and Uarrhead Company scheduled to and coilfirmed by tliis Act and that thc undertaking of the Paisley and Burrliesd Gonipany slioulcl be tr:~nsfei~red to the Company : And wliereas having regard to tlie interests of tlic Company therein it is expedicnt that tlic imdertakil?gs of the Loclimrnlrcnd Company ant1 of t tie Paisley and Barrhead Company respectively should be transferred to the Company in terms of tlie before- mentioned agreements and that the Lochcamhead Company aucl tlic Paisley and Barrhead Company should be dissolved : And whereas it is expedient that the pwws granted and tlic periods limited for tlie purcllnse of lancls for and for tlic completion and opeiling of tlie railways and works hcrcin-af ter iiiciitioned s!iould be revived and extcnded as herein-after provided : And whereas it is expedienx to cxteild tlie period for tlic sale of the superfluous lands of the Company and of any com- pan9 whose undertaliiilg is or by tliis Act sliall be vested in tlie Company : And whereas an agreement has beeu entered into between the Company and the town council of the city and royal burgh of Dundee with refsrence to the adjustmcnt of the boundaries of certain properties of the Company and the town council in Dundee the sale transfer grant and excambion oE lands the making of certain roads and bridges and other matters and it is expedient that such agreement should be confirmed : And whereas it is expedient that the Company should be authorised to raise additional capital and borrow further money for the purposes of this Act and that the other powers and pravisions of this Act should be conferred on or made in relation to the Company and their undertaking : And whereas plans and sections relating to the works nutliorked by this Act and plans of the lands which may be taken for thc purposes of this Act and books of reference containing the names of the owners and lessees or reputed owners and lessees and of the occupiers of the said lands were duly deposited with the principal sheriff clerks of the counties of Lansrk Edinburgh and Perth respectively and are herein-aflcr respectively referred to as tlie deposited plans sections and books of reference : And whereas the purposes of this Act cannot be effected wit#hout the authority of Parliament : A2 3 [Ch. cxlvi.] Cc~(cd1oujco~ liui/mq act, I 902. [2 EDW. 7.1 May it thcrcforc please YOLW Xajcsty that it inay bo cnactc-d ancl be it enacted by thc King's iiioht Excellent XJajesty by and vith the advice aiid consent of tlic Lords Spiritual mtl Tei-nporal and Commons in this present Parliament assembled and by tlic autliority of the same as follows :- 1. This Act may be citctl for all purposes as the Ca1edoni:zn Incorpora- 2. The Lands Clauses Acts the Railways Clsnser C~nsolidittioii tion Of Acts* (Scotland) Act 1845 Part I. (rchting to construction of a railway) Part 11. (relating to exteasioii of time) ancl Part V. (relating to amalgamatinn) of the Railways Clauses Act 1863 tlic clauses 3ntl 1)rovisions of the Companies Clanses Consolidation (Scotland) Act 1845 with rcspect to the following inatters (that is to say) :- The distribution of thc capital of the Conipaiy irito sliares ; The transfer or tmnsniission of shares ; The payment of subscriptions and the means of eiiforcin,n tile The orFeiturc of sliarcs for non-pagmcnt of calls ; `rho rainedies of creditors of tlic Company against the sliarc The borrowing of money by tlic Gonipany on iiiortgaye or lmnd ; ?'he conversion of the borrowed iiioiiey into capital ; The consolidation of thc shares into stock ; The general ineetings of the Company and the exercise of thc: The making of dividends ; ancl The giving of notices ; A.D. 1902. - Short title. RaLilmay Act 1902. payiiicnt 01 calls ; holders ; right of voting by the shareholders ; and Part I. (relating to cancellation nncl snrrender of shares) Part 11. (relating to additional capital) and Bart 111. (relating to debenturc stock) of the Coinpnnies Clawes Act 1863 as amenclerl by any subsequent Act are (cxccpt nrheye and as cx1)rcssly varied by this Act) incor~~oratecl with and form part of this ,4ct aid all the provisions of the Companies Clauses Coiisolidatioii (Scotland) Act 1845 so incorporated with this Act whicb relate to stock into which shares in the cnpital of a coinpany have been conucrted or conso1idatc:l slid1 apply to the stock which thc Conipany are by this Act authorised to iesue aiid to the holders thereof. uiilees thcre be something in the subject or Tlic several words and expressions to...

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