CAMEROON AND THE COMMONWEALTH: Cameroon has played an active role in the Commonwealth since joining in 1995, while the organisation provides it with assistance in areas ranging from the economy to democratic reform.

Author:Collins, Tom

IN 1995 CAMEROON JOINED THE Commonwealth, and since then it has worked to intensify and deepen relations with the organisation and its member countries.

Cameroon has participated in all Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings since 1995. It receives assistance from the Commonwealth in areas ranging from the economy and institutional capacity building to social issues such as promoting gender equality.

For example, the Commonwealth supported the setting up in 2006 of Elections Cameroon (Elecam), the country's first independent election management body, to which it continues to provide assistance. The Commonwealth has sent teams to assess the integrity of elections and has supported Elecam in reviewing Cameroon's electoral laws in line with international best practice.

The Commonwealth Africa Anti Corruption Centre was set up in 2013. It supports agencies in 18 Commonwealth countries including Cameroon.

Cameroon is also an active participant in the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC), which awards over 800 scholarships and fellowships for postgraduate study and professional development.

In 2016 Cameroon's Achaleke Christian Leke won the Commonwealth Young Person of the Year Award for his work as national coordinator of Local Youth Corner Cameroon, an organisation that promotes peace and counters violent extremism. "The Commonwealth award will go a long way to amplify and create more awareness of our current peace building work with young people, street children, and youth in correction centres and prisons in Cameroon," said Leke at the time.

The organisation has also been spearheading an e-commerce strategy aimed at boosting Cameroon's economy. Commonwealth Secretariat staff met industry leaders in the capital...

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