Publication Date05 Apr 2021
Just because your home isn't full of antiques, doesn't mean the contents have no resale value. In fact, your items may actually be soughtafter on the auction market, and have a substantial value.

"I can't tell you the amount of times I've seen somebody about to chuck something out that's incredibly valuable and I've gone, 'Nooooo!"' says auctioneer Angus

Ashworth, a house-clearance expert who stars in the new TV series The Yorkshire Auction House on Really.

"Often, you'll go round to a house where they're apologising for there being nothing worthwhile, and before you know it, things tot up - sometimes houses may not have any one item that's of huge value, but there might be a lot of items that are worth £40-£60, and if there's 100 like that, it adds up."

Such valuable hordes are something Angus came across frequently when making the TV series, which follows him and his team as they clear out houses packed full of trinkets, treasure and junk, taking any valuable items to auction, with profits going to the owner, and recycling or tipping the rest. Across the programme's 10 episodes, £100,000 in sales was made.

Angus, who runs Ryedale Auctioneers ( in Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire, says: "Quite often, people have no idea about the value of what they've thought of as 'junk', and the items they might think are valuable aren't necessarily.

""hey'll say they're throwing something out because it's rubbish, but it'll be what people are after at the moment - a £200 lamp or whatever."

But how can you spot if your home contents are valuable? Angus gives his expert advice...

Are only old things valuable? ""here's a misconception that because something's old, it's valuable, that's not always the case," explains Angus.

""here are obviously markets that are after specific antiques, but nowadays, generally, it's more about the interior look and the practicality of an item that can make it more valuable.

"You could have something that's relatively modern, but very desirable - a lot of people overlook more modern items and think they don't have a value. Also, quirky things - anything that's a bit different - people like those and they always sell, because you can't just go and get another one."

Look out for lighting "Lighting's very popular - table lamps, or even light shades," he says. ""hey've gone out of fashion a little now, but enamel, industrial shades became hugely fashionable. I used to find them in garages all the time and they could fetch...

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