CenturyLink Launches Automated Threat Detection and Response Feature.

Rapid Threat Defense identifies and stops threats based on customer-set policies.

As new technologies emerge and data continues to grow, CenturyLink, Inc. is taking new approach to protecting network traffic and blocking security threats with the launch of CenturyLink Rapid Threat Defense.

"We have simplified how enterprises secure their networks with the creation of an automated softwarebased capability that identifies and stops malicious traffic before it puts our customers at risk," said Chris Smith, CenturyLink vice president of Global Security Services. "Rapid Threat Defense is the seamless integration between security and the network to protect applications and data by disrupting the security threats that we face today, and more importantly, those we will face tomorrow."

This network-based threat detection and response capability is powered by threat research developed by CenturyLink's Black Lotus Labs, one of the world's most advanced threat research units, to offer unique advantages:

* Customer-controlled: With Rapid Threat Defense, customers set policies based on threat criteria they specify, allowing for actions such as automatically blocking a malicious IP address at the firewall or blocking a malicious domain through DNS (Domain Naming Services)--even blacklisting a malicious domain altogether.

* Reduced Workload: Rapid...

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