Chapter DMBM555190

Published date29 April 2016
Record NumberDMBM555190

Because of a number of NTC/IDMS interface problems you may find that:

  • an overpayment shown on NTC as having been referred to IDMS is not on IDMS
  • payment/remission postings have not updated IDMS
  • an overpayment is cleared on NTC but is still outstanding on IDMS
  • the amount of the overpayment on IDMS is different to the amount on NTC but is not covered by the first two bullet points.

Where you encounter any of the above you can amend IDMS to bring the two systems into line. You will need to take into account the stage that the recovery process has reached and whether the claimant needs to be advised.

In addition, you may find pre-release 9 ‘HATS’ on household notes. These can be identified by the following text:

^^^^^Debt Recovery action suspended whilst dispute is investigated OD20.

If you...

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