Chapter DMBM557270

Published date29 April 2016
Record NumberDMBM557270

It is the Department’s policy that customers are expected to make payment in full, by the due date, where they have the means.

If this is not possible recovery should be made quickly and by the most cost-effective method without causing undue financial hardship.

Methods of recovery

The following are the means of recovering a Child Benefit overpayment:

  • recovery from arrears of Child Benefit due to the customer
  • withholding Child Benefit payments from an ongoing award (DMBM557510)
  • deducting an amount from Child Benefit payments from an ongoing award (DMBM557510)
  • direct payment (NDDS, electronic payments, cheques and cash).
Arrears of Child Benefit due

If arrears of benefit for any period become payable while there is an outstanding recoverable overpayment the arrears can be withheld to recover part, or all, of the overpayment.

However, Regulation 21 of the Child Benefit (Decisions and Appeals) Regulations 2003 (web) stipulates that where benefit has been suspended payments must be made once it is established that the...

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