Chapter IDG51800

CourtHM Revenue & Customs
Record NumberIDG51800
Published date19 March 2016

The GLAA’s remit is established through the Gangmasters (Licensing) Act 2004 and Immigration act 2016, and in its strategic objectives as follows:

  • Target, dismantle and disrupt serious and organised crime/early identification of human trafficking
  • Provide effective, meaningful engagement with stakeholders thereby enhancing reputation
  • Work with industry to recognise and address non-compliance without formal GLAA intervention
  • Tackle tax evasion, health and safety negligence, fraud, breaches of employment and other law/regulations
  • Maintain credible licensing scheme creating level playing field and promoting growth
  • Identify and tackle forced/bonded labour by licensed and unlicensed gangmasters
Legislation that permits disclsoure

Section 19, Gangmasters (Licensing) Act 2004 permits specified officers in HMRC to share information with the GLAA for the following purposes:

- for use for the purposes of, or for any purpose connected with, the exercise of functions under this Act,


  • to any person by whom, or by whose officers, labour market enforcement functions are exercisable for the purposes of, or for any purpose connected with, the exercise of such functions.


  • may be supplied to any person having functions in relation to;


- the enforcement of any other enactment applying to the operations of a person acting as a gangmaster,


  • the enforcement of any other enactment in connection with accommodation, meals or facilities provided to workers, or the conditions in which they work, or

  • offences committed by workers in connection with or by reason of their doing work to which this Act applies,

for use for the purposes of, or for...

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