Chapter TSAD06020

CourtHM Revenue & Customs
Record NumberTSAD06020
Published date08 April 2016

All goods are eligible for temporary storage. However, certain goods are subject to specific checks before they may be removed from the place of importation to an External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF). Certain physical and or documentary checks must be undertaken at the place of importation. Set out below are those categories of goods which normally need to be controlled at the port of importation, unless permission has been granted by the relevant control agency for movement elsewhere.

You must draw the attention of the operator of any goods subject to the Imported Food Regulations (IFRs) for example live animals and products of animal origin must be notified to the appropriate control agency before clearance is allowed by Customs authorities.

1 Goods subject to veterinary checks at a Border Inspection Post (BIP)
  • live animal
  • fresh red meat and meat products
  • poultry meat and poultry meat products
  • rabbit meat, game meat (wild/farmed) and products thereof
  • fish products, fresh and frozen fish and dry and or salted fishery products
  • whole egg, egg products, hatching eggs
  • lard and rendered fats
  • animal casings
  • milk and milk products whether or not for human consumption
  • processed animal protein
  • honey
  • semen
  • embryos/ova
  • manure
  • gelatine
  • frogs legs and snail
  • bone and bone products
  • hides and skins
  • bristles, wool, hair and feathers
  • horns, horn products, hooves and hoof products
  • apiculture products
  • hunting trophies
  • processed pet food
  • raw material for the manufacture of pet food
  • raw material, blood, blood products, glands and organs for pharmaceutical use
  • blood products for technical use
  • pathogens
  • hay and straw
2 Goods subject to plant health, horticultural or timber controls

Only if the local Plant Health and Seeds Inspector, or Forestry Commission Inspector as appropriate, considers that their controls can be carried out outside the port of importation, may these goods be removed to an External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF). A recent change in policy now enables traders to apply to have plant health inspections by the Plant Health Seed Inspectorate, the Horticultural Marketing Inspectorate and the Forestry Commission, carried out inland at TS premises.

3 Foodstuffs other than those covered in 1 and 2 above

These goods may be allowed to be removed to an ETSF if both the Port Health Authority and the Environmental Health Officer allow their controls to be carried out outside of the port of importation.

4 Goods subject to...

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