Africa's first Oscar: on 25 January, Charlize Theron, the white South African film actress, brought honour to Africa by winning the continent's first Oscar at the 61st Golden Globe Awards held in Los Angeles, USA. She won the "Best Actress" category for her role in the film, Monster.

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Born on 7 August 1975, Charlize grew up on a farm outside Benoni, South Africa, as an only child. She became a ballet dancer and later moved to the United States where she got a job at the Joffrey Ballet in New York and worked on the side as a photo model. However, an injured knee put a halt to her dancing career.

When she was 18, her mother made her go to Los Angeles to try a career in the movie industry. She arrived in Los Angeles without knowing anyone in the city, but after two weeks when she was standing in line on Hollywood Boulevard, an agent gave her his card. Eight months later, she...

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