Chinese ecommerce giant looks to UK for next artificial intelligence research centre.

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European Tech Alliance founding member and FacilityLive CEO says Europe has five to ten year window to win big in AI. Amazon's Chinese rival expects to expand into Europe as early as next year, announcing plans to open a research centre in Cambridge in 2019. Focusing on artificial intelligence and big data, this will be only its second research centre outside of China and is another sign of Europe's growing global importance in artificial intelligence. According to Gianpiero Lotito, a founding member of the European Tech Alliance who advises the European Commission on tech policy, Europe has a five- to ten-year window of opportunity to become one of the leaders in the world on artificial intelligence.

Gianpiero Lotito, who is also founder and CEO of human language search platform FacilityLive, comments: "Current artificial intelligence technology is the end of the past--not the beginning of the future, as technologists want us to believe. It is the long tail of a generation of brilliant technologies that base their capacity on more and more powerful algorithms.

"But this is an old generation. Being better able to...

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