2009 CIMA student survey.

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The student survey is your chance to let the institute know what you think of it and to comment on the products and services that it offers.

The survey was conducted for the first time in 2006, when it was offered to all students. This year it has been redesigned with improved questions and shortened. It will aim to produce more representative information by inviting a random selection of respondents in key markets around the world.

Its objectives are to:

* Seek students' views.

* Assess levels of satisfaction with CIMA's performance and value for money.

* Collect information on the awareness and usage of the institute's products and services, as well as views on their importance and quality.

* Collect information on students' attitudes.

* Compare satisfaction levels with those in 2006.

* Investigate initiatives that have developed in the past three years and monitor their progress to ensure that CIMA remains competitive.

If you are invited to participate in the research, please comment--your views are essential in helping the institute to maintain a qualification that is professional and...

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