Ultimate exam skills: preparing for CIMA exams is not just about repeatedly reading through your syllabus notes and attempting a few past paper questions. On a BPP revision course the main focus is the development of the key exam skills specific to each paper and this is done through guided question practice.


To help all CIMA students, here's a summary of BPP's key skills that often turn a marginal fail into a comfortable pass, along with practical tips on how to practise them and a check list to work through in your run-up to the exam.

Keep this page somewhere safe with your CIMA study notes and work through them as you prepare for your next exam sitting.

TITLE DESCRIPTION HOW TO PRACTISE CHECKLIST Know the * Although not * For each key * Can 1 explain basics a genuine topic in the all the key skill, you syllabus, check topics/concepts must you can in simple terms? understand explain/discuss the basics it in simple of all the terms. key syllabus areas. They will all be in your exam somewhere. * You don't * For financial * Gan 1 discuss have to be an reporting them in terms of expert on and/or advs/disadvs, every numerical when suitable, technical questions when not aspect of the practise suitable, and whole writing out think of syllabus, but the proformas, real-life you do need to column headings situations where truly and workings they are applied understand headings. (especially at what the basic management and concepts mean strategic and do. levels)? * Can 1 lay out the standard proformas and financial statements without looking at my notes? Use your 20 * Using this * Download a past * Have I decided minutes well can paper you BEFORE the exam reading time make all the haven't seen how 1 will use my well difference before and 20 minutes between practise using reading time? passing or your 20 minutes failing your before exam. The attempting it. critical thing here is knowing exactly how you will use your 20 minutes BEFORE the exam. You can answer some multiple choice questions, plan some of the longer questions or choose between optional ones. * Pick another * Have I one and try practised it? again, this time doing something different. * Decide which bits work best for you and combine them. Question * The CIMA * Spend an hour * Am 1 good at planning and examiners just planning planning my analysis constantly questions. This answers? (if report that gets you to not, keep students do develop your" practising). better where planning it is clear mindset". they have planned their answers. * For any * You could * Do my plans question even do it on a directly lead...

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