Claim to grant bail (criminal proceedings) (sched.1- RSC O.79 r.9(1))

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterKing's Bench forms
No. 97
Claim form to grant bail (criminal proceedings)
(Schedule 1- RSC O. 79 r.9(1))
Parties should use form N208 using the terms “Applicant” and “Respondent”,
and include in the Details of claim section the following:
“The claim is for an order that the applicant be granted bail as to his
commitment on (date) by [a magistrates court sitting at (place)][the Crown
Court at (place)][the High Court] and that the respondent at the hearing before
the Judge show cause why the applicant should not be granted bail. The
applicant relies on the evidence in the witness statement/affidavit of (name)
signed/sworn on (date) served with this claim form”

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