'Come clean on Israel'

Published date01 April 2024
Publication titleCoventry Telegraph
Commons Foreign Affairs Committee chairwoman Alicia Kearns said she was convinced the Government had concluded that Israel was not demonstrating a commitment to international humanitarian law, but had refused to confirm that publicly

Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy urged Lord Cameron and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to come clean about the advice they had been given.

The Foreign Office said advice on Israel's compliance with international law was kept under review, but it would remain confidential. Israel has come under intense international scrutiny over its treatment of Palestinians during the war against Hamas following the October 7 atrocities.

A leaked recording of Ms Kearns disclosed that she believes the Government has received advice that Israel is flouting the law.

Answering questions at an "evening drinks reception" hosted by the West Hampstead and Fortune Green Conservatives in London on March 13, she said: "The Foreign Office has received official legal advice that Israel has broken international humanitarian law but the Government has not announced it.

"They have not said it, they haven't stopped arms exports."

Arms export licences cannot be granted if there is a clear risk the weapons could be used in a serious violation of international humanitarian law.

In response to the leaked recording she told the Observer: "I remain...

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