Comment: The Role of Courts in Safeguarding the Best Interest of the Child (Amharic)

AuthorAbreha Mesele - Mekonnen Nigussie
  ም  ህ ማ
  
ጠሦመሠጤ ሦመሦፌፌ
Title: The role of courts in safeguarding the best interest of the child
The best interest of the child is a multifaceted principle governing children’s
rights. This principle is tri-dimensional which serves as (i) human right, (ii) a
mechanism of evaluation of other rights, and (iii) as a means of interpreting other
rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Ethiopia has
ratified the CRC. As the judiciary is the ultimate guardian of human rights
including the rights of children, allowing the judiciary to safeguard such rights
when it adjudicates cases that affect the interest of children is one of the
mechanisms of implementing the right. Pursuant to Article 13(1) of the Federal
Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Constitution, the Judiciary, among others, is
legally entrusted with the function of enforcing and respecting human rights. This
comment explores the law relating to the interpretation and application of the best
interest of the child in Ethiopia. Primary and secondary data sources indicate that
there is no clear assessment and criteria-specific procedure on the use and
evaluation of the best interest of the child. Consequently, there is no uniform
interpretation and application of the best interest of the child by courts.
ሦ ህምሦ ጣሦ ሦምሦ ሕሦ ጨጪሦ ሕሦ ጪሦ ጤሦ ሁሦ ጤጤሦ
መሦ ሦ ጤሦ መጣሦ ሦ ጤጣምሦ ሕሦ ሚመጤሦ ማምሦ ሦ
ሦሦ ሕሦምሦሦ ህሦሚሦ ጦሦሌሦ ጤም መሦሁጥሦ
ሦ ሦ መጣሦ ሕሦ ማሦ ሦ ሌሦ ሦ ሦ ሦ ሕሦ
ሚመጤሦ ሦ ሦ ጤሕሦ ምሦ ሦ ህሦ ሚሦመሦ ሕ ሦ መሦ
ጧሦ ሦ ሦ መሦ ሌ ጤሦ ሕሦ ሌምሦ ማሦ
ሕ ምሦህሦመህሦመሦ መም  ሦሦሦጧሦ ሚ
 መ ሦሦ ህሦሁሦሦሌ
ሦጧ ሕሦምሦህሦሕሦመሦሦሦ 
ጠሦመሠጤ- ሌሦሌሦሦመጤሦሦሌሦሌሦምሦሦሦሦሦ
መጤሦሦሦሕሦምህሦሦ Email:
ፌፌሦመሦ- ሌሦሌሦሦሏሦሦሌሦሌሦምሦሦሦሦ
ሦማሦሦሕሦምህሦሦ Email:

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