Commercial Railway Act 1836

Cited as:1836 c. cxxiii
Jurisdiction:UK Non-devolved
Commercial Railway Act 1836

(6 & 7 Will. 4) c. cxxiii

An Act for making a Railway from the Minories to Blackwall, with Branches, to be called " The Commercial Railway.

[28th July 1836]

ANNO SEXTO & SEPTIMO GULIELMI IV. REGIS. ##**##*****************************#*************#** Cap. cxxiii. An Act for making a Railway from the Minories to Blackwall, with Branches, to be called " The Commercial Railway." [28th July 1836.] W HEREAS the Establishment of a Railway from the Mino ries to Blackwall, with Branches therefrom to the West and East India Docks, would be productive of great public Advantage by opening a cheap and expeditious Means of Conveyance for Passengers and Goods between those Places: And whereas the several Persons herein-after named are willing, at their own Expence, to carry into execution the before-mentioned Undertaking; but the same cannot be effected without the Authority of Parliament: May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted j and be it enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That Proprietors George Broxvn, Frederick Burmesler, Robert Bell, Andrew Cohill, incorporated. Charles Frederick Collins, Henry Thomas Curtis, Sir Edward Codring- ton Baronet, John Drinkald, John Duncan, Joseph Esdailc, William Francis Elliott, John Richard Elmore, Thomson Farncombe, Sir William Richard Powlctt Geary Baronet, Moses Asher Goldsmid, Russell Gur net/, George Frederick Holham, Thomson Han key, 'Thomson Hankey junior, George Hibbertjunior, John Alexander Hankey, CharlesHindley, Henry Harvey, William Haigh, John Cornthwaite Hector, George Lewis Hollingsworlh, Thomas Hughes, John Humphery, Frederick [LocalJ] 60 X Hammond, 5510 6 & 7 GULIELMI IV. Cajo.cxxiii. Hammond, Alexander Carruthers Johnston, Lewis Celeste Lecesne, Charles Porchear Lang, John Mills, Charles M'Garel, George Rennie, Henri/ John Rucker, John Robertson, John Roslcell, David Salomons, John Wyhergh. Shaw, John Stock, Pearson Thomson, John Charles Tuffhell, Archibald Wilkinson, Sir William Young Baronet, John Ashton Yates, John Young, and all other Persons and Corporations who have subscribed or shall hereafter subscribe towards the said Undertaking, and their several and respective Successors, Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, shall be and they are hereby united into a Company for making and maintaining the said Railway and Branch Railways and other Works by this Act authorized, and for other the Purposes herein declared, according to the Provisions and Restrictions herein-after mentioned, and for that Purpose shall be One Body Corporate, by the Name and Style of "The Commercial Railway Company," and by that Name shall have perpetual Succession and a Common Seal, and by that Name shall and may sue and be sued; and also shall have Power and Authority to purchase, hold, and sell Lands for the Use and Benefit of the said Undertaking without incurring any Penalties or Forfeitures, and shall have and exercise all other Powers and Authorities which are herein-after given or mentioned. Rules for Uie II. And be it further enacted, That where in this Act any Word Interpret^ snall be used importing the Singular Number or the Masculine Gender tionofihis onjy^ such Word shall be understood to include several Matters as well as one Matter, several Persons as well as one Person, and Females as well as Males ; and where the Word " Lands " shall be used, the same shall be understood to include Tenements and Hereditaments ; and where the Word "Corporation " shall be used, the same shall be understood to mean any Body Politic, Corporate, or Collegiate, Civil or Ecclesiastical, Aggregate or Sole ; and where the Word " Railway" is used, the same shall be understood to include the Branch Railways, Yards, Stations, Wharfs, and other Works hereby authorized to be made; unless in any of the Cases aforesaid it be otherwise specially provided, or there be something in the Subject or Context repugnant to such Construction. Proprietors III. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the said to raise Company to raise amongst themselves any Sum of Money for making Money ani] maintaining the said Railway and other Works by this Act autho- then"s?lves. rized, not exceeding in the whole the Sum of Six hundred thousand Pounds, the whole to be divided into Shares of Fifty Pounds each, and such Shares shall be numbered, beginning with Number One, in arithmetical Progression, and every such Share shall be distinguished by the Number to be applied to the same ; and the said Shares shall be and arc hereby vested in the several Parties taking the same, and their several and respective Successors, Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, to their proper Use and Benefit proportionably to the Sum they shall severally contribute; and all Persons and Corporations, and their several and respective Successors, Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, who have subscribed or shall severally subscribe for One or more Share or Shares, or such Sum or Sums as shall be demanded in lieu thereof, towards the said Undertaking and other the Purposes of the said Subscription, shall be entitled to and receive in pro- 6 & 7 GULIELMI IV. Cap.cxxm. 5511 proportionable Parts, according to the respective Sums so by thein respectively paid, the net Profits and Advantages which shall arise or accrue from or by the Rates, Tolls, and other Sums of Money to be received by the said Company as and when the same shall be divided by the Authority of this Act. Shares. IV. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Directors Directors hereby appointed at any Time within Three Months after empowered the passing of this Act to alter and vary the Amount of Shares into t0 ,lmde which the Capital or Joint Stock of the said Company is hereby declared to be divided, by dividing each of such Shares of Fifty Pounds into Two Shares of Twenty-five Pounds each: Provided always, that if such Division shall be made the full Amount of Six hundred thousand Pounds shall be duly subscribed for in Shares of Twenty-five Pounds each before any of the Powers of this Act with regard to the compulsory taking of Land shall be put in force: Provided also, that in the event of such Division being made every Proprietor of any One or more of such Shares of Twenty-five Pounds each shall, as regards the Number of Votes to which he shall be entitled, and the several Provisions of this Act in which the holding a certain Number of Shares is made a necessary Qualification for any Purpose of this Act, be entitled in respect of each Share of Twenty-five Pounds to the same Rights and Privileges as Shareholders would be by this Act entitled to in respect of any Share of the Value of Fifty Pounds in case no Division thereof had been made. V. And be it further enacted, That the Money to be raised by the Application said Company by virtue of this Act shall be laid out and applied, in f Money to the first place, in paying and discharging all Costs and Expcnces incurred in applying for, obtaining, and passing this Act, and all other Expenccs preparatory or relating thereto; and the Remainder of such Money shall be applied iti and towards purchasing Lands, and making and maintaining the said Railway and other Works, and in otherwise carrying this Act into execution. VI. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the said Company Company and they are hereby empowered to make and maintain the emPowerC( t m* it ii-i i i -i ii the to make Railway and Branch Railways herem-after mentioned, with all proper ita;iwv. Works and Conveniences connected therewith, in the Line or Course and upon, across, under, or over the Lands delineated on the Plan and described in the Book of Reference deposited with the respective Clerks of the Peace for the City of London in the County of Middlesex and the Liberty of the Tower of London; (that is to say,) commencing near the Minories in the Parishes of Saint Botolph without Aldgate and Saint Mary Whitechapel (otherwise Saint Mary Mat. fellon) in the City of London and County of Middlesex respectively, and terminating at or near Brunswick Wharf at Blackwall in the Parish of All Saints Poplar in the said County of Middlesex, with Branches to the West and East- India Docks at Blackwall aforesaid, and passing from, through, or into the several Parishes, Townships, and Places of Saint Botolph without Aldgate in the City of London, and Trinity in the Minories, Saint Botolph without Aldgate, Saint Mary's Whitechapel (otherwise Saint Mary Matfellon), Saint George'* (otherwise 5512 6 & 7 GULIELMI IV. Cap.cxxm. (otherwise Saint George in the East), Saint Dunstan Stepney (otherwise Stebonheath, Ratcliffe), Limehouse (otherwise Saint Anne), and All Saints Poplar, in the said County of Middlesex; Provided always, that the said Railway shall be carried through the Lands of the West India Dock Company in such Manner only us shall be approved of by the said Dock Company: Provided also, that nothing in this Act contained shall extend Or be construed to extend to empower the said Company to lay down any Iron or other Rails or 'hams for the Passage of Carriages for the Conveyance of Passengers or Goods nearer than Two hundred Feet from the Eastern Side of the Minories in the Parish of Saint Iiotolph xcilliout Aldgate: Provided also, that nothing herein contained shall prevent the said Company from forming a Way of Passage from the End of the said Railway into the Minories, or from forming a Depot according to the Dimensions specified in the Ground Plan deposited by the said Company with the Town Clerk of the City of London. Finns and VII. And whereas Maps or Plans and Sections, describing the Hooks of Line of the said Railway and the Lands upon or through which the Ucfcrenceto saj(j i{,aj|way js intended to be carried or made, together with...

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