Commons Registration Act 1965

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
land in England or Wales which is common land or a town or village green;rights of common over such land; andpersons claiming to be or found to be owners of such land or becoming the owners thereof by virtue of this Act;no land capable of being registered under this Act shall be deemed to be common land or a town or village green unless it is so registered; andno rights of common shall be exercisable over any such land unless they are registered either under this Act or F11in the register of title.if it is a town or village green, be vested in accordance with the following provisions of this Act; andif it is common land, be vested as Parliament may hereafter relation to any land situated in any county ..., the council of that county ... F2or, if the county is a metropolitan county, the council of the metropolitan district in which the land is situated;andin relation to any land situated in Greater London, the F3council of the London borough in which the land is situated;(2) Where part of any land is in the area of one registration authority and part in that of another the authorities may by agreement provide for one of them to be the registration authority in relation to the whole of the land.a register of common land; anda register of town or village greens;(2) Any register maintained under this Act shall be open to inspection by the public at all reasonable times.
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