Communications Update

Publication Date01 Jun 1998
The Mental Health Review 2:2 ©Pavilion Publishing (Brighton) 1997 33
Communications Update
CI(96) 20, 12 September 1996. Mentally disordered
offenders – improving services.Contact Reba Bhaduri,
0171-972 4270.
CI(96) 25, 18 September 1996. Training Support Services
training packs on mental health and risk assessment.
Contact Reba Bhaduri (as above).
Making a Difference: Strengthening volunteering in the NHS.
Available from: CA-OPU 1, Room 311, Eileen House,
80–94 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6EF.
NHS Psychotherapy Services in England: Summary of
strategic policy.Available from: DoH, PO Box 410,
Wetherby, W. Yorks. LS23 7LN.
Local Monitoring of Continuing Care: Developing a frame-
work for health and social care (issued in response to
HSG(95)8). From DoH (as above).
Primary Care: Delivering the future (Cm 3512). Available
from: The StationeryOffice, Publications Centre,
PO Box 276, London SW8 5DT.
Developing Partnerships in Mental Health (Cm 3555).
Available from The Stationery Office (as above).

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