Cooperation with EU agencies and bodies under the EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement1: Eurojust, OLAF and the EPPO

Publication Date01 June 2021
AuthorRebecca Niblock
Date01 June 2021
New Journal of European Criminal Law
2021, Vol. 12(2) 277282
© The Author(s) 2021
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DOI: 10.1177/2032284421996051
Cooperation with EU agencies
and bodies under the EUUK
Trade and Cooperation
: Eurojust, OLAF
and the EPPO
Rebecca Niblock
Kingsley Napley, London, UK
This article will examine the provisions of Part III, Title VI of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement
(TCA) on Eurojust. While the agreement in the TCA with regard to Eurojust allows cooperation to
continue, the new arrangements amount to a signif‌icant change. The article also looks at co-
operation between the UK and other EU agencies, specif‌ically the European Anti-Fraud Off‌ice and
the European Public ProsecutorsOff‌ice, concluding that the practical impact of the UKs departure
from the EU is unlikely to be signif‌icant.
Trade and Cooperation Agreement, Eurojust, European Anti-Fraud Off‌ice, European Public
ProsecutorsOff‌ice, Brexit
As anticipated, the departureof the UK from the EU has also led to the end ofthe UKs membershipof
the EuropeanAgency for CriminalJustice Cooperation(Eurojust).The TCA does, however,contain an
agreementin relation to Eurojust, allowing cooperation to continue, albeit ina more limited form. This
can be contrasted with the position in relation to the European Public ProsecutorsOff‌ice (EPPO) and
the EuropeanAnti-Fraud Off‌ice (OLAF), which does not amount to a signif‌icant change. Nonetheless,
there are some changes in relation to the EPPOwhich come into effectas a result of the Agreement. In
relation to OLAF,while th ere is a structural change in the way that it will operate in relation to the UK as
a third country, there is unlikely to be a signif‌icant practical impact on its operations.
This article will examine the provisions of Part III, Title VI of the TCA which cover Eurojust. It
will then go on to look at the impact of Brexit on the UKs interaction with OLAF and the EPPO.
1. Trade and Cooperation Agreement betweenthe European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community, of the one
part, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, of the other part, [2020] OJ L 444/14, https://eur-lex.> accessed 23 January 2021 (TCA). All
provisions cited in this article without further reference belong to the TCA.

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