Cop's attack on autistic lad just dire

Publication Date13 Sep 2021
PC Christopher Cruise has "retired" after assaulting a 10 year old BOY WITH AUTISM. Does he understand how much damage he has done to this lad and his family. A fine is NOT enough. That young boy will now be scared of people in uniforms for the rest of his life. YOU WEAR THE UNIFORM TO PROTECT NOT HARM. Jo, Dorset

A so called Police Officer gives an Autistic Boy a severe kicking and all he gets is a fine, would it be a fine if it had been the other way round? This scumbag should have been sent to Prison. Angie B

Priti Patel giving Cressida Dick another 2yrs is Priti dire. LEO F.


JO? The

Why Patel does not tell the french boat people don't come under maritime law and the French should be picking them up from french waters, or demand the 65million back we paid the two faced gits. Stockton jeff.

Yesterday "Alexa. Will my umbrella tommorow?" replied "I Put the f*****Channel Bookworm Wrexham

Fed up with hearing about govt' it's the bloody french causing the problems by letting the boats sail! Still won't be long before a bomb goes off over here! Perhaps we'll do something then. mossy

France says we're breaking the law sending channel migrants back. Surely France is breaking the law by sending them here. Steve. London .

Why is English rose and a few of her fellow countrymen and woman under the misconception that Scotland is subsidised by the English tax-payers. We pay plenty into Westminster and only get some of it back. Just because we do a better job with OUR money does not make us subsidy junkies. John F. Glasgow

Re English rose : why do you think the English government are terrified to lose Scotland, we have all the oil, gas, water, renewable energy, food and drink sector etc. England will be bankrupt when we leave. Stevie, m/well

The S.N.P {seriously national pretenders}, is a group of people whose only goal is to wreck our united country and put their delusional leader in the history books. She will get there but only for being the biggest fool that ever hit the big time. BUDDY FAN

I can't believe a word Boris Johnson says, how long before he takes us back to rejoin the EU, if we are to go by his record of...

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