CTV Overshadows Linear TV While Social and Programmatic Spark Debates.

IAS Industry Pulse Report.

Integral Ad Science (IAS) recently released its 2021 Industry Pulse Report. Surveying over 200 ad industry experts, IAS found that issues around digital video and connected TV, programmatic, and social rocketed to the top of the ad industry's priority list.

Based on the IAS 2021 Industry Pulse Report, these key priorities will guide the year ahead:

CTV takes a permanent bite out of linear TV With stay-at-home orders around the globe, Connected TV (CTV) streaming racked up incredible audience growth this year, squashing linear TV's hopes for a rebound.

88% of those surveyed expect the shift in ad spend from linear TV to digital video/CTV will only accelerate in 2021. Plus, more advanced data and contextual targeting opportunities could help boost ad dollars; 80% of respondents said CTV provides richer data insights for ad campaign optimization compared to linear TV.

Eyes on social platforms

While there's no denying the power of social platforms, it's clear that marketers have serious questions about transparency issues and this could impact social budgets next year.

A mere 17% of industry experts said they believe social platforms provide enough transparency around brand risk and viewability. What's more, 59% of Industry Pulse respondents reported that they are likely to adjust social media ad spending in 2021 due to insufficient media quality metrics.

Programmatic booms, but focus on media quality intensifies Programmatic continues to gain and shows unprecedented growth opportunities heading into 2021, but marketers still see a potential for risk and the need for more verification.

56% of survey respondents said programmatic is most likely to experience brand risk incidents.

With the advent of new technology and enhanced industry partnerships, IAS expects to see even greater improvements in transparency for programmatic next year.

Mobile gets contextual

While 5G's impacts on mobile gaming and...

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