DBArtisan 7.0 & SQL Debugger for DB2 UDB.

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Embarcadero Technologies have announced the latest versions of DBArtisan and Embarcadero SQL Debugger, for building, managing and troubleshooting enterprise database infrastructures. DBArtisan 7.0 includes support enhancements for the major database platforms, with particular focus on IBM DB2 Universal Database (UDB) and Oracle. The addition of Ernbarcadero SQL Debugger for IBM UDB, and database administrators (DBAS) allows developers to diagnose and fix problematic server-side code and ad-hoc SQL across all major DBMS platforms.

More than 30 enhancements to DBArtisan 7.0 allow for the administration of more complex database environments by delivering support for the current releases of Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase. DBArtisan 7.0 also includes features to simplify the management of multi-platform database infrastructures. A single point of entry...

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