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The 2004 Toolbox Dedicated Internet Access Survey was conducted from August 18 to August 24, 2004. IT and business professionals from around the world participated in this online survey. Participants were recruited directly from the Toolbox network. The goal of this survey was to gain insight into the strategic value and applications of Dedicated Internet Access and the purchasing behavior involved in the decision-making process. As it becomes more of a necessity to have Dedicated Internet Access in the workplace, professionals are regularly re-evaluating their Internet connectivity. What types of connectivity are organizations using? For what purposes are organizations using their Dedicated Internet Access and what features do they feel would increase its value? Specific questions included:

* Does management see the value of investing in a faster Dedicated Internet Access connection?

* Which company do you currently use for your Dedicated Internet Access?

* What do you look for when choosing a company to provide Dedicated Internet Access

* Will your Dedicated Internet Access budget increase in the next 12 months?

* How often does your company re-evaluate your current Internet access provider'.?

Of the 188 IT and business professionals from around the world who participated in the survey, over 92% are implementing Dedicated Internet Access and over 44% have had access for over 5 years. Disaster contingency services, fraud protection, and additional tech support were cited as the top three services that organizations would like added by their Internet service provider. While the Dedicated Internet Access market has many service providers, there is no one standout provider indicating the opportunity for growth available within the market.

Other findings include:

* Communicating internally and externally, finding information/research and downloading computer applicabons/web installations are the top three...

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