Defend against Netdex.

Position:Virus Notes

Kaspersky Labs, reports the detection of the Trojan horse `Netdex", which exploits a vulnerability in the security system of' the Microsoft Virtual Machine. Doing this allows the Trojan" to clandestinely infect computers with malicious code and run it. An analysis of the program shows that, most likely, it is of Russian origin. In particular the program has some text written in the Russian language and a link to a domain from a Russian zone.

"Netdex" is a complex multi-component malicious program that penetrates computers of those users who are visiting an infected Web site. Using a vulnerability in the Microsoft Virtual Machine security system (`Microsoft VM ActiveX Component" Vulnerability), the Web site infects victim computers with a malicious script program that drops the "Netdex" main components. These components,--in mm, install on victim computers...

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