Designing an integrated methodology for knowledge management strategic planning. The roadmap toward strategic alignment

Published date13 August 2018
Date13 August 2018
AuthorMona Jami Pour,Zahra Kouchak Zadeh,Nima Ahmad Zadeh
Designing an integrated
methodology for knowledge
management strategic planning
The roadmap toward strategic alignment
Mona Jami Pour
Department of Business, Hazrat-e Masoumeh University (HMU), Qom, Iran, and
Zahra Kouchak Zadeh and Nima Ahmad Zadeh
Farabi Campus, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Purpose Today, knowledge extraction and sharing in the organizations have been positioned as one of the
most signicant managerspriorities. However, despite huge investments in knowledge management (KM) area,
the failure rates of these projects are high. One of the main reasons for these failures is the lack of a roadmap and
a methodology for KM strategic planning which assist organizations to develop an integrated and aligned plan
with business strategies which eventually reduces projects failure rate. Yet, despite the extension of KM domain,
little studies were conducted on strategic topics and especially KM strategic planning. Therefore, the purpose of
this study is to offer an integrated methodology for KM strategic planning.
Design/methodology/approach This study introduces a methodologyfor KM strategic planning by
using the mixed methods. At the rst stage, along with a comprehensive literature review, some semi-
structured interviewswith KM experts were conducted and the obtained data have been analyzed usingthe
thematic analysis. Afterthat, a survey is conducted to validate the extracted dimensions and activities of the
proposedmethodology via expertsviewpoints.
Findings The results of this study indicate that the main phases of the KM strategic planning
methodology are as follows: strategic review, strategic orientation, implementation and evaluation. In the
proposed methodology, main phases along with their related activities and their implementation order are
presentedas a roadmap for applying KM initiatives strategically.
Research implications/implications In KM planning strategically, all phases of strategic
management along with their related activities must be considered simultaneously. The proposed methodology
can assist KM policy-makers to identify and guide KM initiatives as well as to perform appropriate actions for
progress. This study tries to develop a coherent roadmap for knowledge initiatives by a strategic approach.
Originality/value One of the major reasons for the failure of many KM projects is the absence of a
strategic planning methodology. A review of the KM literature shows that there are few studies, which
adequately integrate strategic KM planning process, yet most researchers view KM planning as the most
difcult and complexpart of KM implementation process. Thisstudy aims to introduce a novel methodology
to KM strategicplanning comprehensively. The main contributionof this study is to develop a new integrated
methodology for strategic planning that considers the strategy formulation aspects along with strategy
executionand control aspects, synchronously.
Keywords Strategic alignment, Knowledge management, KM strategy, KM strategic planning
Paper type Research paper
1. Introduction
Knowledge management(KM) has been viewed as a strategic issue for the practitioners and
academicians in recent years (Martinsons et al.,2017;Wang et al., 2016;Chen and Huang,
Received13 October 2017
Revised25 February 2018
Accepted21 April 2018
VINEJournal of Information and
KnowledgeManagement Systems
Vol.48 No. 3, 2018
pp. 373-387
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DOI 10.1108/VJIKMS-10-2017-0071
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