Dethick's Case

JurisdictionEngland & Wales
Judgment Date01 January 1653
Date01 January 1653
CourtCourt of the Queen's Bench

English Reports Citation: 78 E.R. 480


Dethick's Case

case 7. dethick's case. A cathedral is within the 5 Edw. 6. c. 4. Garter King at Arms is a name of dignity, and the possessor must be sued by it.- Qumre, if in matters not concerning his office'I fade post. 542. S. C. 1 Leon. 248. Garth. 440. Strange, 850. Bar. K. B. 209. Fitzg. 175. 275. 3 Bac. Abr. 57. He was indicted upon the 5 Edw. 6. c. 4. for striking in Saint Paul's church-yard : and it was moved, that it being in the church-yard of a cathedral church, it is not within the statute.-Curia contra. Then he pleaded, that he was by the Queen's patent created Garter King of Arras, and demands judgment, because he is not so named.--And because it was a name parcel of hia dignity, and not of his office only ; for the patent is, creamus coronamus et nomen imponimus de Garter rex...

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