Disability discrimination claim after permanent exclusion - parent

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterSpecial Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal forms
Disability discrimination claim by
parent after permanent exclusion
SEND26A - Dis ability discrimination claim by par ent after permanent exclusion (07.18) © Crown copyright 2018
Please use black ink and write as clearly as you can if completing by hand.
Use this form only if you can tick all three of these boxes.
Section 1: Your child’s details
Special Educational Needs and Disa bility Tribunal
I have parental
responsibility for the child
or I live with the child and
the child has not reached
school leaving age*
My child has been permanently
excluded (for a state school this
means the governing body has
upheld the permanent exclusion)
from his/her school
I want the Tribunal to order the
school to reinstate my child
First name(s)
Date of birth
/ /
Boy Girl
Section 2: Details of who the claim is against
Name of the school you are claiming against Type of school
Maintained by local
(state name of
Address of the school you are claiming against
Academy/free school
Independent (Private) school
continued over the page
If your child has been permanently excluded and you are not asking for reinstatement please use Form 4A instead.
*You reach this age on the last Friday in June in the academic year you turn 16 (the academic year ends at the end of August). More detail is
given in the Tribunal’s Guide to making a disability discrimination claim against a school - a guide for a young person who wants to make a claim.
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